EPISODE 65: Why Can’t We Be Friends (w/ Jennifer Lynch)


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Thanksgiving has passed, our pants have been let out, and now we come back together to discuss last weeks conflict.  If you haven’t listened to the last episode, Kathleen and Kaore got into an interesting spat regarding parents who claim that non-parents don’t know what busy is because they don’t have children.  The conflict never resolved (on air) and it created interesting responses from listeners.  This week, the amazing writer/director/human Jennifer Lynch (Boxing Helena, Surveillance, Teen Wolf) steps in to help us resolve the conflict.  WOW do we have fun along the way.    We also discuss everyones Thanksgiving, the worst fight you have ever had with your significant other, rock and roll tour busses, the coccyx, and more.  This is a beefy episode so get cozy.  NSFW (I mean that)

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